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Living Waters Retreats are an intimate time of introducing the Abundant Life into your life and your marriage. Through times of reflection on selected Bible verses, participants learn how to personally hear from God, and begin to enjoy life in the Kingdom.

We deal with topics such as true unity, decision-making, dealing with conflict, knowing God’s will, and many others. While therapy and the hard work of behavioral change are helpful in many marriages, Living Waters retreats offer something different. At these retreats, you will learn how to let the Lord speak his truth into your daily life, bringing a significant shift to the way you relate to your marriage partner.

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Abiding in The Vine

This is always our first and foundational retreat. Christ says that “Apart from Him we can do nothing”. Every believer is called to abide in the Vine – In Christ. This retreat shows us how to abide on a personal level – hearing from God, abiding in the Word, and understanding the fruits that comes from abiding.


Blessings of Unity – God’s Best for our Lives/Marriages

This is usually our second retreat for those who have attended “Abiding in the Vine”. Most couples struggle with resolving issues and making decisions. Usually either the male and/or the most dominant personality of the marriage dictate. This retreat shows us the joy and promises of going to Unity with God together (not just us together). We can fully understand God’s will for everything in our lives and unity is a big key to this. This has moved couples from conflict and mediocrity to full joy and wonder – literally changing their lives in one weekend.



Discerning God’s Will

We are all called to live every day in the Will of God – however, most people think this is either unknowable or everything that happens to us is God’s will. Neither is true. This retreat walks us through how to receive the clarity of God’s will and know His specific instructions as He guides our steps.


The Covenant

God’s Covenant is eternal: He promises to Bless us so that we become a Blessing – be living in the Spirit where we are receiving the love, power, and wonder of God and then giving it away – a flow thru process. This retreat walks us through the truths of this in both the Old and New Testament and how He gives us the power to carry out our side of the agreement to receive the blessings of His side of the agreement.


Christ, Clutter and the Calendar

All of our lives are too busy and full of activities and things to care for. This retreat walks us through an evaluation of these issues so we can restore margin, rest and joy back into our lives. God provides specific instruction as to the importance of having space and order in our lives and how to make decisions that will fulfill His purposes – resulting in very practical steps to live a life of freedom.


Marriage Unity Survey



5:00pm – Dinner
6:45pm – Worship & First Session


7:30am – Breakfast
8:15am – Worship & Second Session
12:30pm – Lunch
1:30pm – Free time
6:30pm – Dinner
8:00pm – Fun


7:30am – Breakfast
8:15am – Worship & Third Session
11:30am – Lunch & Sharing
1:00pm – Conclude



  • Larry and Sherry Collett

Finding Rest (Larry & Sherry Collett)

May 11th, 2017|0 Comments

We began to sense God telling Larry to leave his role as CEO. Because of the successes that were occurring, it seemed to contradict the direction we felt should be pursued. All signs were “go” and indicated we were thriving and succeeding. Why change now?

The Living Waters Story

April 27th, 2017|0 Comments

Rich and Linda continue their story... As we learned what it means to walk in the Spirit and found true unity in our marriage, we began to see that the natural outflow of [...]

The All For Jesus Story (Rich & Linda Case)

April 17th, 2017|0 Comments

Rich and Linda Case were living the American Dream, US Christian-style. After they bowed together at their coffee table and met their Savior after Rich's MBA program, his first corporate job and their first child during their second year of marriage, they began to get everything right--at least from the outside.

It is not possible to accurately and completely convey the incredible experience of a Living Waters Marriage Retreat Experience. Rich and Linda have been anointed by God to teach other couples the Truth of the Scriptures, how to hear God’s voice and how to truly Abide in the Word and Abide in Christ and live a life of peace, joy and abundant life. We have experienced the supernatural and miraculous healing of lifelong wounds and are eternally grateful to the Lord for bringing Rich and Linda into our lives.

David D, Tampa, FL

On our latest retreat I learned to ask God, “What do You have to say about my fear of flying of over 25 years?” instead of getting down on myself for being a Christian and feeling afraid. Jesus answered me with a bible verse that said I could command a tree to be uprooted and planted in the sea if I had faith as small as that of a mustard seed. So, on the very bumpy landing coming back from the retreat I practiced telling the wind to be still and peaceful in the name of Jesus. In the past I would’ve believed that God was not good because He allowed me to experience a bumpy flight. This time I saw it as an opportunity to test my faith in what Jesus had said to me. The landing was still scary but I felt victorious and confident!

Sandra D, New York, NY

Rich and Linda have proved themselves as faithful servants to both biblical truth and the personal and active involvement of Jesus in our daily walk. It is rare to find a couple so selflessly committed to the discipleship of the Christ-follower and so powerfully used by the Holy Spirit.

Chris & Heidi M, Oswego, IL

Our marriage retreat with Rich and Linda transformed our walk with Christ, and our marriage. We learned how to hear from God through his living Word, and find unity in Christ as a couple. Life and living with your mate doesn’t get better than that!

Robin B, Lake Forest, IL